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If you are a small business owner looking to attract customers in the Montreal area to your website, look no further. At Rank Media Agency, our expert team can provide your company with Montreal-based SEO services that help you capitalize on potential local business by optimizing your website for local searches both centrally on the island, as well as off, in areas like the South Shore, the North Shore, Laval, and Longueil. By implementing our proven Internet marketing techniques in search engine optimization, your website will begin attracting the right kind of traffic to your business: the kind that transforms into sales and profits.


  • A survey launched by Google determined that four out of five consumers use search engines to conduct searches with local intent.


Nowadays, Internet users increasingly concentrate their web searches to their city, province or immediate surroundings in order to generate the most relevant and useful results. In fact, many consumers have come to expect online advertisements to be customized to their location, as well as to provide immediate information on a search target, including a company’s address, phone number and directions to get there. In this day and age, businesses lacking a full-scale marketing plan that includes local SEO elements will be left out in the cold. By failing to optimize your company’s website for local Montreal-based searches, you are essentially handing over potential business to your competitors.


  • According to Google, 60% of local business searches now take place online and 82% of prospective customers initiate offline action such as purchasing after a successful search.


Search engines like Google and Bing have revolutionized the way individuals interact with and shop in local communities. Not too long ago, when you wanted to find Schwartz’s Deli, Olimpico Café, the closest place to buy Montreal bagels, or a restaurant serving vegan and gluten-free options, you had to look it up in a phone book, a magazine or a newspaper. Today, a mere swipe of your finger is all that is needed to perform a web search in Montreal that can elicit a flood of options and possibilities.


Local search engine optimization in Greater Montreal is no longer a luxury undertaken by only the most tech-savvy firms. While local search is still a relatively new phenomenon with regards to SEO, it has more recently become an indispensable facet within any comprehensive marketing strategy.  In fact, today, organic local search rankings in Montreal have become an absolute necessity for any business with an online presence hoping to convert would-be customers. And in Montreal, achieving this presence in both English and French is integral to not alienating people and losing potential business. When a high volume of local search queries result in sales for your company, you’re on the right track. Local Montreal-based searches can mean money in the bank, so it’s very worth taking advantage of the opportunities that strong SEO strategies can afford your business!


  • Data from HubSpot indicates that 75% of Internet users never scroll past the first page of search results.

Obviously, any business with a website hopes it will be ranked as highly as possible for maximum exposure. More exposure means more visitors, and more visitors mean more sales for your company. An important aspect the SEO services Rank provides to Montreal businesses involves a detailed analysis of relevant keywords and how they perform with regards to driving traffic towards your site in both English and French. Our skilled team of digital marketing and search engine experts will provide a roadmap to optimize your website for localized queries in both languages, ensuring that you reap the rewards of a strategic Montreal-based SEO campaign in the long-run.

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