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As quarterbacks of the business world, we analyze all opportunities for paid media advertising in your vertical to devise that perfect mix of search, display, social, and contextual advertising campaigns that will raise your bottom line and hit all key performance indicators. We help you get creative with brand storytelling and develop a paid media strategy that goes beyond out-dated banner ads to new, stream-lined, smooth-running ads native to the platforms on which they run.


We make your ad messaging for pay-per-click (PPC) ads the best it can be, always taking guidance from the most current trends. Search engine marketing is a tried and tested method of online advertising that, when done right, can exponentially increase brand awareness and sales. If you are a relatively new company with no standing in organic search engine results, PPC advertising campaigns are necessary to see true improvements in traffic and profits.


of all clicks coming from paid search marketing are made on mobile devices.


of the global advertising market is dedicated to internet advertising.


of marketing professionals utilize paid search engine marketing to fuel lead generation.

The boundaries of organic reach


Organic reach is being compromised. Facebook is the perfect example—the organic reach of business pages on the ultimate social network is madly plummeting, and will drop even further. Why? Because Facebook is a business like any other, looking to maximize their own returns. And you should follow their example. Google is another prime example of organic reach becoming more limited. With the removal of right-hand side ads and inclusion of up to four paid ads on the top or search results, the competition between paid and organic is slowly increasing. Our professional team is here to make sure you accomplish just that. It’s only a matter of time before the potential organic reach for content that brands publish to Facebook hits a big fat zero. To recover some of that lost territory, get your business page seen, and revitalize engagement and awareness around your brand, you have to be a shape-shifter, a marketing chameleon, continually willing and able to switch tactics as the reality of the day dictates. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that your brilliant content won’t get the recognition it deserves.

There’s no denying that the media landscape has changed and is changing so rapidly and exponentially that its shape is never recognizable in relation to what it once was, on the edge of our memories. Nowadays, you simply have to pay a little something for advertising on social networks if you’re serious about attaining a higher ranking, gaining more quality attention, or engaging with the right people—those who want to hear from you and know about your brand. Paying for advertising now allows you to reach a specific demographic rather than just relying on organic reach. With Facebook for example, you can market to a particular age group, gender, location, and other parameters — something that a post shared organically just can’t.

Although it used to be very effective, depending solely on organic reach is now limited at best—those shares, likes, or shout-outs you receive from family and friends are not as effective in the world of marketing as they once were. Facebook and Google are not the only places where this is true. More and more social networks are charging for traffic because they can.

Leveraging your search platforms

Here at Rank we buy media of all kinds. We help you to effectively leverage your Search platforms, like Google, AdWords, and Bing Ads, to name a few; your choice of campaign on any of these platforms determines where and how your ads will show up to customers, and what format they show up in—like text, photo, or video, for example. We help you choose wisely.

There’s the search network, which simply shows ads when users search on Google or Bing. There’s the display network, where ads show up on millions of prominent sites, apps, videos, and more, with relevant content for your target areas. You can choose the type of campaign that uses one or both of these networks, and the campaign subtype that makes the most sense for your brand and your specific goals. We manage the following types of campaigns on these networks, and are more than capable of expertly advising you on which best suits your needs:

  • Search: All-Features, Call-Only, & Remarketing
  • Display: All-Features & Remarketing
  • Shopping: Product Ads on Google & Bing
  • Contextual: In-Text Advertising & CPV (pop-traffic)
  • Placement Ads: Traditional CPM Buys
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more.

And anything else. If it converts and we can target your niche audiences, chances are that we’ll be there.

Our strategy always incorporates every platform possible to maximize and optimize your campaigns and attain full impact in your vertical.

And, of course, optimizing for visitors who use search engines on mobile and other devices is now a no brainer, and frankly, no longer an option. You simply have to do it to have any ranking of consequence. Our experts work to expand and diversify both who you reach and what you’re capable of.

Think of us as the digital marketing and media-buying equivalent to investment portfolio specialists – we leverage a myriad of media channels to capture an optimized blend of strategies and traffic that leads to real-world conversions.

Using advanced attribution analysis and marketing mix modeling, we track behavioural insights to give you a clear picture of why visitors are traveling certain channels and not others. Your media and outreach work is far too important to be left to guesswork. Our raison d’être is to demystify, solve the riddle, and ground your brand in the certainty of a sure thing to whatever extent possible. Our team can help raise your levels of confidence, understanding, and trust in the marketing process by taking the lead in keyword development, bid optimization, streamlining all your paid media campaigns and tactics, and considering them all together, as a whole, to get the most out of each and very strategy you employ.


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