Newsletter Management & Strategic Email Remarketing

Email marketing is so very much more than a surviving means of communicating with clients. When you want to grow your business, acquire new customers, launch a new product, or offer a promotion, you turn to email. Why is that?

Email is still at the top

Email marketing is more powerful now than ever. Marketers know this is true because the results are obvious. Email delivers the highest return on investment (ROI). So e-commerce brands live and die off of effective email marketing, or lack thereof.

This means email is getting a better overall response than other modes of online communication. Why is email still the preferred choice? The answer is multifold, and includes the lasting and adapting powers of familiarity, versatility, and worldwide accessibility. The secret of persistent email marketing success lies in its evolution, not its sameness.


For every single dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $44.25.

Mobile is Growing

44.7% of all email opens occur on mobile devices.


Billion email messages are sent every single day.

One great example of this evolution lies in the proven ability of email marketing to get through to a whole new generation of mobile users. Whether marketers decide to prioritize sending emails specifically geared to mobile users or not, the reality is that we are still living in the midst of a mobile revolution that forces businesses today to rethink their email marketing strategies to account for where, when, and how people are actually engaging with the email campaigning they undertake. As people continue to shift away from desktops and move towards mobile devices, the way they receive and take in email campaigns naturally shifts with them. Email has very much regenerated over the course of the last ten years, much in the way they say the human body does every seven years. As a matter of fact, email opens on mobile devices have grown over 30% in the past 5 years alone, likely as a consequence of this effective regeneration.

Email tools to consider


We will show you how to build beautiful, professional emails that look sharp on all of the different devices that your audiences and potential audiences are using these days. Nothing says finesse and competence than an email or website that looks like it has actually been made with the user in mind. People appreciate it, and act accordingly, even if they don’t realize they do.

We also help you understand the difference between personalization and hyper personalization in the email marketing universe, providing valuable guidance on the use of data to provide more personalized and targeted products, services, and content to the most pertinent groups in your sphere. We help you leverage hyper personalization by way of social listening, data analysis, content and context combined.

We facilitate the choice between email marketing and marketing automation. Though many think of them as interchangeable, they’re not. Marketing automation software platforms and technologies, which can help you with simultaneous outreach on multiple online channels online at once—like email, social media, websites, and more—can be great for completing automatic, repetitive tasks, but often fall short when more is required to fulfill your specific, pointed marketing goals. Our expert team is trained to know which one is appropriate for your particular needs.

We utilize powerful email marketing software platforms like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others to manage subscribers, send emails, and track results—with the ultimate purpose of helping you reach your email campaign objectives, and decide which one makes the most sense for your business’s specifications. We can also use your very own server to configure email marketing campaigns if that is more convenient. This process can be less than obvious, but we walk you through it.

Trigger-based email marketing is enabling targeted outreach like never before, and we’re on top of that wave too. We’re seeing an ever-increasing list of triggers, which allow businesses or brands to send targeted messages out based on details of all calibers—completely customized to the individual user, with stronger content and context in each message. It is quite possibly a superpower to be able to send a completely relevant message to a willing customer, at just the right time, using just the right channel. Being able to do this means successfully harnessing the power of communication with your customers in a deeply relevant and enduring fashion. We can guide this process; effective experiences are the foundation of Rank Media.

Customer Lifetime Value


Your most precious possession as a business is the list of clients you already have in possession. Understanding your CLV (customer lifetime value) is crucial for increasing profitability, retention and overall sales success. We cultivate your email list, and lovingly optimize conversion paths.  Remarketing, when done right allows you to launch a more-than-effective email marketing campaign that grows your returns and helps you determine your average CLV—the net profit you can expect for the duration of your entire relationship with a given customer. Calculating your CLV is quite possibly the most important calculation you will do for your business. It is usually done on a per customer basis, but is determined for the average customer in your target market. If you have more than one target market, you might find that there is a marked difference in customer lifetime value between them.

Truly relevant and compelling marketers see the value in all modes of outreach to clients and potential clients alike. There is nothing like honing your craft and becoming a smooth-running, well-oiled machine when it comes to reaching the people you were meant to reach. It seems marketing is the front and centre craft these days, and as with any craft, it’s crucial to stay on top of even the most minute changes in trends, because this mean the difference between being ahead of the curve, or behind.