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    Keywords are still important in SEO
    Keywords Are Still Important in SEO, But They Are Not the Only Key

    The repetition of keywords over and over throughout your content and meta data once meant better rankings on Google. Those days are long gone. Although keywords are still relevant in today’s SEO sphere, the way they are being utilized in content creation has changed.

    Google has become a lot better at understanding how users interact with the websites they are viewing. High quality, relevant content here is key. It’s often easy to tell when you’re are being pitched a product or service by an overly aggressive sales article. Instead, investing in content that is more user or audience based than brand based will be more beneficial, as users are more likely to engage with content that feels natural as opposed “salesy.”

    High quality content means high quality engagement


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    Google's Tasting the Rainbow and Testing New Colours
    Google’s Tasting the Rainbow: Green & Purple Ad Labels Make Appearances in Search and Maps

    Seeing new colours for ad labels on Google’s search listings or maps? You’re not the only one. According to recent news, Google seems to be testing out new colours for ad labels on two different platforms.

    Google Search Results – Green Ad Labels

    Less than two weeks ago, users within the United Kingdom started seeing green ad labels rather than the traditional yellow labels that were first introduced in 2013. As you can see below, the shade of green matches the display URL of each ad to the right:


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    Inbound Marketing Post
    100% Awesome Inbound Marketing Cocktails Crafted To Convert

    s”Let’s put all our marketing dollars into direct mailing and outbound dialing – we’re sure to convert big time!”

    20 years ago…that might have been effective. In fact, it worked well for various businesses with regards to generating leads. However, a lot has changed over the past 20 years. With the advancements in technology, people have migrated online and are likely to engage in the following activities on a daily basis:

    • Check their inbox only to delete a bunch of spam / notification emails.
    • Login to Facebook on a mobile device to check out the latest memes and/or watch a Tasty video.
    • Inevitably make a purchase on Amazon after browsing for hours (yours truly is guilty of this).
    • Search for random stuff on Google, such as “Who is Stronger: Superman or Hulk?”
    Go Superman Go!
    Our money is on Hulk, especially after Batman vs. Superman


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    Redefining Chat: The Newest Snapchat Update

    Snapchat’s latest update is going to take it from being a simple messaging and photo sharing app to a full blown communication app.
    With the first version of Chat released 2 years ago, the company has taken the feature one step further with Chat 2.0, making it a real contender against WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The app now allows for video and audio calls with the hopes of closing the gap between it and actual face-to-face communication. With a simple tap of the video icon, users can launch a video call with another user. If the recipient if busy, users can leave a 10 second GIF like video note or a short audio note. Users can also easily toggle between audio and video calls as well as send photos and over 200 new stickers to recipients during calls.


    snapchat update


    Source : Snapchat

    The update also revealed a new emoji that can appear next to a friend’s name. When Snapchat first started displaying emojis last year, they were meant to describe the sort of relationship a user had with that friend. The new hourglass symbol indicates that your Snapstreak (when users have Snapped each other within 24 hours for more than one consecutive day) with your friend is about to end. In order to maintain a Snapstreak, users are motivated to keep the conversation going by sending a quick snap to their friend.
    Another new feature being rolled out with the update is Auto-Advance Stories. Once you get to the end of one friend’s story, the next story in your list will begin to play. You can easily skip stories by swiping left or exit by pulling down. A feature like this is great for businesses as it can easily boost your stories’ view counts.


    From branded geo-filters to Chat 2.0, Snapchat is stepping up its game for its 100 million daily users.



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    Meerkat to Pivot & Leave the Live Streaming Market

    Last year’s SXSW darling Meerkat is planning on leaving the livestreaming game according to recent reports. This is not a surprising development as the application lost a lot of steam after Twitter announced they had acquired Periscope in March of last year, shortly after Meerkat had broken onto the tech scene. Interestingly enough, this spawned a myriad of contentious debates regarding which live streaming application was superior throughout the spring & summer of 2015. Well, it seems like we can officially announce a winner in the old Meerkat vs. Periscope debate. Congrats, Twitter. (more…)

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    Pinterest Logo and Pins
    Pinterest Advertising Now Available to All U.S. Business Accounts

    Pinterest has *finally* rolled out it’s advertising platform to all U.S. based business accounts according to an announcement made last Tuesday. Businesses will be able to manage two types of campaigns:

    • Pin Engagement (Boosting Pins). Evidently, this offering is similar to the post boosting you can manage on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which isn’t surprising because content engagement is a key metric social media marketers analyze within campaigns.
    • Website Clicks (Traffic Generation). With a focus on helping brands monetize traffic from Pinterest, this type of campaign mirrors the website click/conversion based campaigns you can manage on Facebook and Twitter.

    What does this mean for Pinterest users? (more…)

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    Why Twitter Should Still be Part of Your Social Media Marketing
    Why Twitter Should Still be Part of Your Social Media Strategy in 2016

    As an avid user of Twitter, I often find myself conflicted with regards to the current state of the popular social media platform. While it has entrenched itself in modern society as a vital source of groundbreaking news, discussions, and Kanye West rants, it has also dominated the headlines recently with analysts and users alike claiming that Twitter is dying. Unfortunately, fun as Twitter can be for users such as myself, there are a number of unappealing factors that turn people off (including brands):

    • The plague of automation and bots. The most annoying aspect of trying to build an audience on Twitter is the heavy amount of automation you’ll encounter when you start to become more active. Some examples include the random retweets your top content will receive from fake profiles, the annoying “customized” DMs you get for following people back, the “thanks for following” shout-outs that are automated, and more. Additionally, Twitter is full of bot accounts that add no value whatsoever to the social media environment.
    • Too much noise. Depending on how many accounts you are actively following, your Twitter timeline can either be full of interesting content or littered with nonsense. For the average user, it’s most likely the latter if you have ever dedicated time to building up your follower counts by following other users within your niche. The beauty of Twitter is being able to see a steady stream of content in real-time, but unfortunately, that aspect can also become its own worst enemy when users abuse the platform. Publishing tons of updates just for the sake of gaining followers is a misguided strategy. If you want to gain traction on Twitter, automating hundreds of tweets each hours isn’t the way to go because you will just start annoying legitimate users that will mute you in the end (the bots will love you, though).
    • Current advertising costs scare brands. The average CPM and cost-per-engagement rates tend to be higher than that of Facebook when it comes to promoting content, pushing traffic to a website, or generating leads. For a social media company that is looking to boost its revenues and prove to investors that it can stay relevant long-term, it’s confusing as to why the pricing is still a little expensive on Twitter. Now, this wouldn’t be such an issue if the audience brands targeted was full of active, legitimate people. However, as mentioned before, the platform is full of bots. As a result, you end up paying a lot more to generate impressions in front of an audience that can consist of anywhere from 20-50% of illegitimate users – essentially accounts used to automate content distribution, annoy you, and more.


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    Digital Marketing News Goodbye Right Hand Side Ads, Hello Reactions
    Digital Marketing News: Goodbye Right Hand Side Ads, Hello Reactions

    A lot has happened over the past seven days. For the sake of brevity, we’ve compiled a breakdown below.

    Google Removes Right Hand Side Ads In Search Results

    For the longest time, advertisers bidding on keywords via Google’s AdWords platform competed to have their ads show on top of organic results or to the right of them. However, it seems like Google’s latest update is causing a seismic shift with regards to search engine marketing strategies as they are no longer displaying ads to the right of search results. Instead, Google has now increased the amount of ads that show above organic results from three to four, with the remaining spots for ads shown below the top 10 listings. See the example of the new layout below:

    Google Right Hand Side Ads No More
    Hey I know those Rank Media Agency people – they are pretty awesome at PPC Advertising. 😉


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    Social Media Explained With Whiskey [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Social media enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs in particular will enjoy the infographic embedded within this post below. While the social media landscape hasn’t evolved much since the last time I mixed alcohol and marketing together, new players such as Snapchat have emerged, whereas sites such as Google+ are clinging on to relevance. Sorry Google…you just make it so easy to mock your social networking experiment when you continue to disassociate it from your own services.

    Note that only a subset of social media sites have been included below. Of course, emerging live streaming applications such as Meerkat and Periscope are conspicuously missing, but that’s because live streaming on mobile devices is still relatively new. Additionally, Facebook is slowing rolling out live streaming capabilities to a limited amount of iOS users and it may only be a matter of time before those features are extended to all iOS and Android. However, it seems like Facebook is employing a cautious approach to making this a standard feature, which may prompt regular social media enthusiasts to utilize other applications. Once Facebook makes the live streaming global, it will most likely claw away at the competition and steal users due to the simplicity of not having to download another application to live stream content, which would be yet another thorn in Twitter’s side (for those of you that do not know, Periscope was acquired by Twitter before it was launched to the public).


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    Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence With Facebook Advertising
    Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence With Facebook Advertising

    When it comes to social media marketing, the first platform that springs to mind is Facebook. With over 1 Billion daily active users, it has risen among the ranks in the digital sector to become the king of social media platforms. As a result, Facebook advertising has exploded over the past couple of years. Think about it: on a daily basis, how often do you open your Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet to read the latest news, post memes, or watch mouth-watering video’s from Buzzfeed’s Tasty account?

    Tasty Social Media
    I don’t blame you if this image made you leave our page and go check out some Tasty videos on Facebook

    Logging into Facebook has become so ingrained in our lives that it has become a daily task to chat with friends, post content, or update user information. Several years ago, many thought Facebook would fall by the wayside just like MySpace; however, not only has Facebook continued to surge among all age groups, it has also developed successful streams of revenue that has it challenging Google as the leader in mobile display advertising. Below is just a sample of impressive statistics that exhibit Facebook’s dominance as a social media platform:

    • Over 1 Billion daily active users, of which 894 are from mobile devices.
    • Over 1.55 Billion monthly active users, of which 1.39 Billion access Facebook from mobile devices.
    • Facebook generated $4.3 Billion in advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2015, representing an increase of $1.34 Billion compared to the previous year.
    • Facebook’s desktop and mobile ads generate significantly higher click-through rates compared to traditional banner ads on the web.
    • Facebook accounts for 50% of all social referrals and 64% of all revenue generated via social media sites.


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