Amazon Marketing Advice to Deal With COVID-19

    There is no questioning the severity of the current pandemic and Covid-19 will undoubtedly test us all. But, as is the same in any crisis, businesses who bury their head in the sand will inevitably come unstuck, while those who seek opportunities and innovate will make it out unscathed.

    It might feel like the control you have is evaporating by the hour, but making the effort to prepare your business for a successful return is the best way you can take back control. In a period where many are standing still, it’s time for your business to up the ante, build your brand, and think long-term. 

    Despite the stream of new restrictions being put in place to ensure community safety, the good news is that there’s still a lot you can do. 

    In this post, we’re specifically looking at the fruitful options Amazon provides.

    With the world self-isolating and brick and mortar shops closing, online shopping is soaring. 

    In between watching The Office for the 32nd time and baking another batch of cookies, most are filling their free time with retail therapy. And as the internet’s largest marketplace, Amazon alone has seen a mass increase in traffic and conversions.

    Such is the surge, Amazon has added 100,000 new distribution workers across their United States fulfilment centres! For product-based businesses, it’s clear to see the much-welcomed revenue source Amazon can provide through these trying times. 

    Improvements to Make to Your Amazon Listings

    Rank Media is an expert and leader in Amazon marketing and product optimization. We’ve been working closely with Amazon clients for over a decade and pride ourselves on the range of businesses we’ve helped.

    Whether you’ve never even used Amazon, or are looking to bolster your Amazon sales in the face of coronavirus, our experts have put together some simple improvements you can make to your Amazon listings:

    Optimize Listings

    Make sure your product listings are well optimized. This involves writing unique descriptions, optimized titles, engaging content that ticks the box with Amazon’s ranking algorithm, high-quality imaging, and placing products in relevant categories.

    Deploy A+ Content

    Amazon A+ Content allows sellers to describe product features in an advanced way with detailed descriptions, videos, high-quality images, charts, and custom copy. Did you know having A+ Content can increase conversions from an average of 3% to 10%? 

    To enable this additional visual content on your product pages, you need to be registered with and approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry. We recommend you do this ASAP to plump up your product listings!

    Review Generation 

    Even if they’re not buying, a great way for consumers to support their favourite businesses through these times is to leave a review. Reach out. You might be surprised to see just how many people help you with a positive review. After all, they’ve got the spare time to do it! 

    Remember, more than 90% of shoppers say reviews impact their buying decision. So act now! Having some extra 5-star reviews on your product could be the difference between you getting a few extra conversions and not.

    Technical, Advanced Amazon Marketing Support

    Rank Media’s Amazon team is able to support you with more technical Amazon marketing such as Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, and product optimization. We’re here to ensure your Amazon marketing efforts are in order so that you’re in the best position to hit the ground running through this unprecedented time.

    Take care of yourself, take care of your brand, and you will get through this.

    If you are interested in bumping up your business’ Amazon performance now and beyond, get in touch with Rank Media via our contact form and we’ll match your needs with the right service.

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    Four Digital Marketing Tactics to Generate Fresh Real Estate Leads
    4 Digital Marketing Tactics to Generate Fresh Real Estate Leads

    Establishing your presence online can be immensely challenging, especially if you’re in a competitive industry like real estate. In Montreal, for example, the amount of real estate listing aggregators online makes it somewhat challenging to keep your properties at the forefront, especially if you’re trying to sell residential units in dense markets. Once you start breaking down the number of upcoming developments by neighbourhood, the amount of competition is just outright staggering. Fortunately, some excellent digital marketing tactics can complement real estate advertising and bring a wealth of traffic to your doorstep and generate fresh leads hand over fist at a reasonable cost. Sounds fantastic, right?

    1) Dabble in the art of SEO

    Dabble in the are of Real Estate SEO

    When it comes to search engine optimization and real estate, the jokes and sayings write themselves.

    • “Invest in building real estate on Google.”
    • “Beat the competition and secure your home on the first page.”
    • “Don’t mortgage your future on TV ads – close the deal with SEO instead.”


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    Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season
    Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

    With Black Friday & Cyber Monday right around the corner, it’s that time of year again where digital marketing ninjas and self-proclaimed advertising gurus abandon the concept of sleep to focus on crafting a series of promotional campaigns. All jokes aside, the holiday season that kicks off with American Thanksgiving provides online retailers with an opportunity to recoup a year’s worth of operations costs by generating a meaningful amount of sales. The “make it or break it” season for online retailers means you need to be creative with marketing campaigns as competition ramps up significantly. While it may seem overwhelming and stressful to hitch your success to a volatile shopping period, you don’t need to rely on a sacred scroll or dark magic compendium to execute efficient campaigns. With shoppers actively searching for the best deals, there’s a massive opportunity for retailers of all sizes to capture a share of the money floating around online. Here are some holiday marketing tips ecommerce professionals of all types, ranging from small store owners to the seasoned independent seller pumping out thousands of sales on Amazon. 

    1) Fund Google’s next robotics venture by splurging on advertising

    Whether your advertising budget is $1,500 per month or $50,000, odds are you’ll see a substantial lift in sales by ramping up advertising spend during the holiday season. Unfortunately, if you haven’t ventured into the lucrative (and stressful) world of digital advertising yet, there’s still a chance to capture a share of the market with strategic campaigns.

    Google Shopping campaigns are typically the best campaigns to bet on this time of year as online shoppers are on the hunt for the best deals. Consistently checking competitor pricing is vital during this period because product ads with the lowest pricing tend to get the best click-through rates (CTR). Subvert your rivals’ expectations by matching their prices for competitive products and steal traffic away from their website. Scaling campaigns can also be a breeze if your campaigns are structured properly, so make sure to segment your product groups as much as possible. You can then maximize the return on advertising spend (ROAS) for your bestsellers and highest margin products. In addition to regular search and shopping campaigns, utilize dynamic product retargeting to broaden your reach and capture additional traffic. (more…)

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    How to Hire a Marketing Agency
    How to Hire a Marketing Agency

    In today’s fast-paced business world, building your brand is a priority if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your products and services may be innovative, but if people don’t know about it, your opportunities for growth are limited. If you’re having difficulty developing a strategic advertising rollout, there’s where an experienced marketing agency becomes a necessity. If you’re looking to spread the word about your product and master the all-important digital landscape, finding the right agency is among the most important decisions you can make. Before you start looking, here are a few tips that should help you find an agency that’s just the right fit.

    Identify your needs


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    18 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online
    18 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online

    Navigating the digital environment can be an arduous task for small businesses, especially for companies that have been reliant on traditional marketing tactics. While business classes teach us that there are five main promotional activities in the communications mix – advertising, direct response marketing, sales promotions, personal selling, and public relations – online marketing has quickly evolved into a digital promotional mix on its own.

    While traditional marketing practices have certain nuances and skill requirements, online marketing has become a massive endeavor for businesses, where an increasing amount of skill sets are needed to manage campaigns on a large scale successfully. Technical and coding prowess, creative design, astute analytics skills, and copywriting are only a few of the main factors to be considered when deploying promotional activities on the internet. The evolution of social media platforms, periodic algorithm adjustments from search engines, and conception of online advertising exchanges have given digital marketers an arsenal unlike anything that has been seen before in advertising.

    However, despite all of the tools readily available at everyone’s disposal, many businesses have been slow in adopting digital marketing practices to capture traffic online. Contrary to popular belief, just creating a website will not lead to hundreds of users hitting your site every day. Whether it’s through social media marketing, search engine optimization, or media buying, you need to develop trust with users and search engines alike to even get the tiniest slice of traffic available on the web.

    Before venturing into digital marketing, there are some things a small business must consider before launching any campaigns, which may include:

    • What is my budget for online marketing? –> Depending on how much you’re willing to invest into digital marketing, the outcomes can either be substantial or minuscule. While we don’t want to hang onto the old saying “to make money, you have to spend money,” you will need to invest a good amount of resources, labor or otherwise, into propelling your brand into the spotlight.
    • What are my objectives? –> While establishing your goals may seem elementary, this is where a lot of small businesses make mistakes with digital marketing. Although fancy metrics such as likes, shares, and views illustrate one’s popularity, they do not always translate into leads and sales.
    • Who is my niche audience? –> Better understanding who you want to reach with online marketing will make it easier to develop a strategic plan of action. Media buying platforms, in particular, offer a wide array of targeting options that can help you pinpoint the people most likely to become a customer.
    • What is my competitive advantage? –> Once again, this may seem like a fundamental element in the planning process, but it can be quite easy to forget if you’re building a new business from scratch. It’s important to define the reason why people should consider your company over a myriad of competitors, especially if what you’re selling isn’t revolutionary or truly distinct from others. Make light of the benefits you provide over competitors and highlight it within your marketing initiatives.

    Now that we’ve gone through the preamble, it’s important to know the different tactics and channels that can be employed to promote your brand in a positive light and capture relevant traffic. Here is a list of all the ways you can market your business online: (more…)

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    Top 8 Tips to Consider When Building Landing Pages
    Top 8 Tips to Consider When Building Landing Pages

    Building a campaign from scratch may seem like a daunting task for small businesses, especially if they don’t have adequate internal marketing resources. On the end of the spectrum, bigger companies face the issue of resource allocation when it comes to developing creative assets for new campaigns. Navigating through an endless stream of emails and requests can lead to significant delays in production. In most cases, working with an experienced agency that specializes in conversion optimization can prevent businesses from developing landing pages that will not be ready for future media buying campaigns. However, if that’s not an option and you need to build out landing pages internally, here are the top 8 things to consider when creating a new landing page.

    Whether you decide to outsource the development of landing pages or handle creative design internally, here are eight important tips to consider when building out landing pages.

    #1. Add the right amount of content

    While you should create your landing pages with the purpose of pushing users through the conversion funnel in as few steps as possible, you need to ensure there is enough content on the page to educate users. If Google AdWords is at the center of your media buying strategy, adding relevant ad copy may be essential to increasing your quality score and building up your landing page relevance. If you are pushing traffic from a long-form post on LinkedIn to a particular landing page targeting high-level CEO’s, being thin on content may be more efficient than writing an essay about your services. Fully understand your target audience and the path users are taking to reach your landing page when developing your content strategy.

    #2. Make your landing page mobile responsive (more…)

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    Inbound Marketing Post
    100% Awesome Inbound Marketing Cocktails Crafted To Convert

    s”Let’s put all our marketing dollars into direct mailing and outbound dialing – we’re sure to convert big time!”

    20 years ago…that might have been effective. In fact, it worked well for various businesses with regards to generating leads. However, a lot has changed over the past 20 years. With the advancements in technology, people have migrated online and are likely to engage in the following activities on a daily basis:

    • Check their inbox only to delete a bunch of spam / notification emails.
    • Login to Facebook on a mobile device to check out the latest memes and/or watch a Tasty video.
    • Inevitably make a purchase on Amazon after browsing for hours (yours truly is guilty of this).
    • Search for random stuff on Google, such as “Who is Stronger: Superman or Hulk?”
    Go Superman Go!
    Our money is on Hulk, especially after Batman vs. Superman


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    Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence With Facebook Advertising
    Boost Your Brand’s Social Media Presence With Facebook Advertising

    When it comes to social media marketing, the first platform that springs to mind is Facebook. With over 1 Billion daily active users, it has risen among the ranks in the digital sector to become the king of social media platforms. As a result, Facebook advertising has exploded over the past couple of years. Think about it: on a daily basis, how often do you open your Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet to read the latest news, post memes, or watch mouth-watering video’s from Buzzfeed’s Tasty account?

    Tasty Social Media
    I don’t blame you if this image made you leave our page and go check out some Tasty videos on Facebook

    Logging into Facebook has become so ingrained in our lives that it has become a daily task to chat with friends, post content, or update user information. Several years ago, many thought Facebook would fall by the wayside just like MySpace; however, not only has Facebook continued to surge among all age groups, it has also developed successful streams of revenue that has it challenging Google as the leader in mobile display advertising. Below is just a sample of impressive statistics that exhibit Facebook’s dominance as a social media platform:

    • Over 1 Billion daily active users, of which 894 are from mobile devices.
    • Over 1.55 Billion monthly active users, of which 1.39 Billion access Facebook from mobile devices.
    • Facebook generated $4.3 Billion in advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2015, representing an increase of $1.34 Billion compared to the previous year.
    • Facebook’s desktop and mobile ads generate significantly higher click-through rates compared to traditional banner ads on the web.
    • Facebook accounts for 50% of all social referrals and 64% of all revenue generated via social media sites.


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    “Purchases On Google” and Other Mobile Ad Updates from Google

    “Buy on Google” Messaging Coming to Mobile Product Listing Ads

    Earlier this year, it was rumored that Google was working alongside major retailers on adding a “Buy on Google” button to product listing ads. However, it seems as if the new feature, which is called “Purchases On Google”, isn’t an actual button but rather an enhancement. Added to existing ad formats, it will make it easier for end users to transact via mobile devices. Ostensibly, this is an effort on Google’s part to compete with digital marketplace leaders such as Amazon, where mobile users can already complete purchases seamlessly.


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    Foursquare Unveils New Look and Eliminates Check-In Feature
    Foursquare Unveils New Look and Eliminates Check-In Feature

    Popular for its check-in capabilities, Foursquare has announced that it will no longer enable users to utilize the check-in feature via the main application, opting instead to compete with local discovery services such as Yelp in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. Undergoing a major rebranding process last week, the social media company unveiled a new logo and a refreshed interface for the main application.


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